Maintaining a swimming pool may seem like a lot of work, however, it’s necessary to keep the pool clean and safe. When you stay on a set schedule for swimming pool maintenance, it won’t be as daunting and will become a part of your routine. Here are the tasks you should complete regularly.

1. Swimming Pool Maintenance Includes Testing Your Pool’s Water and Adjusting Chemicals

For pool water to stay clear and clean, a certain chemical balance must be maintained in the water. Specifically, the proper pH and level of disinfectant chemicals (like chlorine) must be balanced. Test your pool water regularly to maintain the proper chemical balance. The water should be tested at least weekly, but everyday testing is a good habit to get into.

Once you have tested the pool water, you may need to add chemicals to reach the proper chemical balance. When adding chemicals, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Always be careful when handling chemicals, and add them to the pool itself, not to the skimmer. Proper chemical balance is the first and most important step towards good swimming pool maintenance.

2. Keep Skimmer Baskets and Water Clear of Debris

Leaves, sticks, bugs, and other debris fall into outdoor pools. Organic material and the bacteria on it alters the chemical balance of pool water, so frequently skim the water with a net and empty the baskets.

A pool cover is a great investment if you have an outdoor pool because it makes maintenance easier. Even with a pool cover, you should remove any debris from the water daily using a net and make sure that there is no debris caught in the skimmer baskets. Clogged skimmer baskets can impede the flow of water through the pool, upsetting the water’s chemical balance.

3. Winterize Your Pool For the Off-Season

If you don’t intend to use your pool year-round or if you live in a location where you can’t swim year-round, you must winterize your pool for the off-season.

When winterizing your pool, drain water out of the filtration system. Do not drain your pool completely, or the pool walls may collapse or crack. Instead, drain pool water to about two feet below the skimmers. When winterizing your pool, you will also want to invest in a pool cover to keep your pool clean during the off-season.

4. Swimming Pool Maintenance Help from Your Pool Supply Provider

A trusted pool supply provider is a great resource for swimming pool maintenance. Your supplier will give you advice on all aspects of pool operation and maintenance, and is your source for chemicals, pool accessories, and equipment. When it comes to pool maintenance, it’s good to have contact with pool professionals you know and trust who can give you advice.

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