It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of purchasing a new home, but be sure not to rush through the process without getting the home inspected. Here are the reasons why homebuyers need a home inspection. 

Homebuyers Need a Home Inspection to Discover Hidden Issues

Every home should be inspected no matter how old it is. Even brand new construction requires a home inspection. There may be defects from faulty construction in a new home or from wear and tear in an older home. 

It’s important to know the condition of the house you’re about to purchase. You want to know if any problems exist with the following:

  • Roof
  • Plumbing
  • Wiring
  • Structural integrity
  • Grading
  • Foundation

There’s no way to walk through a home and recognize every problem a qualified home inspector will discover. Professional inspectors have the training, tools, and equipment to pick up on issues that aren’t obvious.

Save Money Long Term

Don’t be deterred by the upfront cost of an inspection. Instead, think about the thousands of dollars you might save because your inspector uncovered a major electrical or roof problem. You now have the knowledge needed to negotiate with the seller. This is one of the most important reasons why homebuyers need a home inspection.

Homebuyers Need a Home Inspection for Negotiation Power

Once the home inspection report comes back detailing any problems with the home, you’ll have the upper hand during negotiations with the seller. You might ask the seller to drop the home’s list price or make needed repairs before closing. If you decide to skip the inspection process, you’ll miss the opportunity to negotiate a better deal for your investment. 

Get the Seller to Make Repairs

Negotiating a lower price isn’t the only advantage gained from a home inspection. You can also write clauses into the contract that require repairs to be done by the seller. If the seller doesn’t want to invest in repairs, then get a repair estimate and negotiate the price.

Understand Exactly What You’re Buying

A home inspection goes into detail about the current state of the house. For example, your inspector will look at the foundation, grading, exterior walls, roof, wiring, plumbing, appliances, bathrooms, kitchen, garage, laundry room, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water heater, and fire hazards.

All of these home systems must work together correctly. No new homeowner wants to find out that the roof or HVAC system needs to be replaced after closing on the home. Homebuyers need a home inspection so they won’t get into this type of situation. 

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