Home inspections are risky when they involve damaged, steep, and high roofs. Because the standards of practice for a home inspection dictate that only accessible areas should be inspected, an unsafe roof could be left out of the inspection completely. Fortunately, drones for home inspections can be used to provide detailed information about any roof.

Using Drones for Home Inspections Helps Make the Process Safer

Deteriorated roofs, complicated designs, steep slopes, and other structural elements can make a roof unsafe to walk on. Using drones for home inspections lets the inspector gather data about the condition of the roof, even when it can’t be accessed safely. When your home inspector uses a drone for roof inspections, you don’t have to be concerned that the inspection will be dangerous or incomplete.

Collect Accurate Data

A drone is able to access all parts of a home and collect accurate data with its high-resolution cameras. The process is also more efficient, accurate, and faster than a traditional inspection.

Drone technology allows a home inspector to capture photographs of precarious areas and the surrounding property that would be difficult to document without a drone. This means that more information is gathered for your inspection report. A drone can also take new pictures or videos after repairs are completed. This makes it easy to compare before and after photos.

Perform Roof Inspections More Quickly

Drones in home inspections help the home inspector operate more efficiently. It takes less time to conduct a roof inspection using a drone than the traditional method of climbing onto the roof and walking around. As the buyer, you will want to be at the inspection, so it benefits you when the inspector saves time.

Aerial drones are an important tool during the home inspection process. Look for a home inspector who uses drones the next time you need a home inspection.

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